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At Eko Smart Solutions, we help you discover every possible way to save you money and go green at home. With a an audit, Eko Smart Solutions can identify in your home what consumes the most energy and identify locations that lose the most conditioned air through leaks, gaps, and other bypasses by using state of the art testing equipment. Our energy audit will clearly pinpoint these problems and suggest the most effective measures to cut your energy costs and ultimately save you money.

Save green

We identify energy solutions that will find the most cost-effective way to make your home energy efficient, put money back into your pocket each month with energy savings, and increase your home's resale value.

Live green

Reduce your carbon footprint and simultaneously extend the life expectancy of your your major appliance and mechanical equipment to enjoy better, greener living with us. By increasing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, you'll also overall air quality to protect your family’s health.

Contact us

Make your home safe, comfortable and draft free. Because the average home has 70% more air changes than are necessary, call Eko Smart Solutions today at 1 (888) 389-3551 to schedule your Home Energy Audit. We'll help you save money and improve your health today.
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